TC Inc.

Welcome to TC Inc!

The company that brings you classic comics such as “Pizza & Popcorn” “Super Bug” “Old Lady Goes Home” and more!

What is TC Inc?

TC Inc. started out as a small comic company in 2008 by Truman W. and Chap N. when they were in third grade. Since then, Truman and Chap have worked on TC Inc. comics and made hundreds of one-panel gag covers and storylines starring their favorite creations. An official archive of TC Inc. comics and art is currently in development. Since TC Inc’s merge with C5A in 2019, TC Inc. has also branched out into animated shorts and clothing, with more shorts and designs coming soon.

Pizza and Popcorn

Pizza and Popcorn are the flagship comic for TC Inc. and was the first creation of Truman and Chap. Popcorn is a bug with little patience who likes to eat popcorn, and Pizza is a fun loving bearstick that enjoys pizza. Together, they get into all sorts of dilemmas that they work through together. Pizza and Popcorn have been best known for their various one-panel gag covers, as well as multiple different narratives in the traditional comic format taking place over one central timeline. In 2019 Pizza and Popcorn starred in their very first animated short, with more to come soon.

Super Bug

While interested in making a new series in 2008, Truman and Chap decided upon a new creation. While not your every day textbook superhero, Super Bug manages to save the day no matter what the disturbance. Typically antagonized by the diabolical E.R.S. (Evil Robo Spork) and his henchman, Bleh, Super Bug gets the job done. Super Bug takes place in the same realm as Pizza and Popcorn and can be seen in various covers with them from time to time. Super Bug’s first animated short released in 2021, the second ever TC Inc. animated short.


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