Year of the C5A

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2019 is the Year of the C5A

Beginning with the 2019 Year of the C5A shirt design, 2019 is going to be all out C5A. From even more design drops, to many more C5A events occurring, 2019 is certainly going to be the year of the C5A.

Year of the C5A Update 5.1


A new C5A Commercial has been uploaded to the YouTube channel! Make sure to subscribe! Many more exciting, quick, and great sketches like this one are soon to come, but for now, here you are. More Info

Year of the C5A Update 5.2


Right in time for Earth Day 2019, we have released the C5A Earth Day 2019 design! Coming in 3 different colors, all proceeds from this shirt will be going to the C5A Flower Project. More Info

Year of the C5A Update 5.3


Introducing the C5A Gaming Organization! Only one problem… we need a team name. Help us decide by completing this Google Survey! Results and team name will be chosen in the Summer along with more info on the new C5A Gaming Org!

Year of the C5A Update 5.4


With over 10 colors to choose from, make a simple yet powerful statement with our newest design, The C5A Company! More info



Four different exclusive and limited time C5A products are on sale for the first ever C5A Mother’s Day sale from May 11-13th 2019! More info

c5mothersday hd copy



Celebrate pride month in style with C5Pride! C5A recognizes all C5A Fans of all different backgrounds, no matter who you are, you are welcome in C5A. More Info



The Official C5A Subreddit has been created! Here you can discuss C5A products, videos, and anything C5A – with fellow C5A fans! More Info reddit-alien-png-3

Year of the C5A UPDATE 5.8


The Official gaming team of C5A has been created… The C5Austin Blue Lightning! Click here to be brought to the new eSports page. C5A gaming emphasizes the casual and average gamer going pro to make epic plays and have fun doing it, all while representing C5A. More info graph

Year of the C5A Update 5.9


The long awaited C5A Flower Project is finally here and uploaded! Click below to check it out, make sure to subscribe! Additionally, the C5A Earth Day 2019 design is discounted for a limited time. More info

Year of the C5A Update 5.10


The very first TC Inc. X C5A collab is finally here! For a limited time, enjoy your favorite characters of TC Inc. in design collaboration with C5A! More info

Year of the C5A Update 5.11


The very first Pizza and Popcorn animated short has been made! Truman Chap Incorporated, a subsidiary of C5A, has come a long way to finally reach this point, and it is with great pleasure and honor to be able to finally share Pizza and Popcorn in their Halloween Special! Click below to watch! More info

Year of the C5A Update 5.12


A brand new post has been made in the News section of C5A! We apologize for many delays as we’ve been busy. But for more info and the full post, click here!

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