About Us

The C5A Story

Founded by Truman W. and his friends in 2016, C5A brought its first line of merch into 2018. Along with this, C5A’s first ad campaign project of videos and shorts launched on the C5A YouTube in 2018 as well. C5A is a multimedia brand made to be enjoyed by anyone and everyone.

TC Inc.

Started in 2008, and merged with C5A in 2019, TrumanChap Inc. is a comic group made by Truman W. and Chap N.

From simple and funny comics to outrageous animated shorts, TC Inc. redefines creativity with C5A! You can find out all about TC Inc. on our TC Inc. page!

C5A Clothing

C5A is an outrageous brand made of quality clothing, great designs, and even better prices. Low costs. Good products. A name that says a lot. A brand made for everyone.

Utilizing great styles and reasonable prices, C5A as a brand goes above and beyond for its fans. While maintaining style, C5A fashion strives to make the best products at the best prices.

C5A Multimedia

As a multimedia brand, C5A strives to entertain as well as make amazing merchandise. Including ads, comedy shorts, and more! New ideas, concepts, and fun go straight to the Official C5A YouTube as well as other various social media platforms, now including Twitch! Taking the raw talents from the core founders of TC Inc. and various other creative projects, Truman and Chap bring a whole new level of projects to C5A Multimedia. Following C5A’s merge with TC Inc. in 2019, animated shorts are now also in production!

C5A Gaming

C5A streams on Twitch playing a multitude of games, hosted by Truman (Canfluff) and Chap (lizardking/kong). Other guests may join in the action as well. You can find the link to the official C5A Twitch page here. While the official C5A eSports Team is still in early development, you can find the page for C5A eSports here.

The C5A Team

CEO | Founder

Truman W.

Head of Advertising | President of Logistics

Chap N.

Production Staff

Hannah S.
Ben D.
Ethan W.
Joe A.

TC Inc. Co-Created by Truman W. and Chap N.


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