C5A 2.0 Update Phase 2

Hello once again C5A fans! We are finally back with Phase 2 of the C5A 2.0 Update and we have a couple of big announcements! Additionally, thank you for your patience for this secord part of the 2.0 Update. We had planned to get it out sooner but a few things got in the way. Nevertheless, here is Phase 2 of the C5A 2.0 Update!

The Adventures of Super Bug Episode 1

On Saturday April 10, 2021, dive into the world of Super Bug in the first ever Super Bug animated short. That’s right, the second TC Inc. animated short is almost here! At 8PM CST on Saturday the 10th, check in on the C5A YouTube for the world premiere of The Adventures of Super Bug Episode 1! Click here for the link to the premiere page! We will continue to be posting about the premiere in the coming week.

New C5A Tank

In addition to the new TC Inc. animated short, we also have the release of a brand new C5A tank top. Just in time for the Spring, this is the very first C5A tank top! C5Horizons is available now, click here to shop!

C5A Twitch

While there is no current giveaway on the C5A Twitch page, always make sure to check in every once in a while when we’re live with chat command !giveaway to see when one is active. C5A does not have a current stream schedule, but you can always find out when we’re live by joining the Official C5A Discord, or on our Twitter. The C5A Discord will instantly notify you when we go live, as will turning on notifications on our Twitch Page. With all new hardware, you can expect C5A to be streaming all kinds of games more than ever in the coming year!

Make sure to stay tuned to C5A social media for more news coming soon. We have the first Super Bug animated short coming out Saturday April 10th, as well as C5A Earth Day 2021 coming a little later in the month. Until then, keep checking up on our News Page as well as our Social Media! See you then!